About Me

Hi I'm Carl, thank you for visiting my website. I design and produce hand made Damascus steel chef's knifes from my forge in York, North Yorkshire. Every knife I make is completely unique, a beautiful one-off creation that lasts a lifetime.

A bit about my background

I started out as an apprentice at British Rail which gave me a broad training in all engineering trades, finally specialising in woodwork. Following redundancy and several short-term jobs I rediscovered a love of metalwork and have been working in this medium since 1999.

2 damascus steel knives
The unique damascus patterns folded into the blades mean that no two knives are ever the same

After taking courses with the renowned bladesmith Owen Bush (thanks Owen) I was bitten by the Damascus bug and immediately set about building my own forge. I have been forging pattern-welded (Damascus) kitchen knives since 2015, initially without the aid of a power hammer. When I eventually had the means to invest in one, it enabled me to do more intricate patterns plus reduced the stress on my joints which I hope means I’II be able to continue my passion for many years to come!

Beautiful individual creations

My main focus is Damascus kitchen knives of various designs. I have produced knives incorporating inherited wedding rings as the ferrule (the metal ring around the knife where the blade and handle join). The idea came from when I inherited my Grandad’s wedding ring. I didn’t want to leave it sat in a box hidden in a drawer and I liked the idea of being able to see and use it everyday adorning my favourite knife. Whilst I can recreate styles of patterns, because everything is handcrafted, each finished piece will be unique.

closeup of knife handle with exposed full tang showing intricate damascus steel pattern
Knife with a wedding ring ferrule

However, I don’t limit my work to Damascus products and enjoy making anything that I find interesting and challenging. I’ve played around with different designs for thing like bottle openers, candle holders, hooks, and toasting forks (perfect for those long cold winters in front of the fire). I’ve also created jewellery out of the small bits of Damascus and recently made a Damascus spoon as a gift for a new baby.

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Together with my brother, I also cast gold wedding rings in cuttlefish bones for my nephew and his wife to be. In short, I enjoy a challenge when it comes to practical tasks and the range of things I’ll have a go at making are limited only by the size of my forge, my current workload and whether it’s a realistic project!

Please note I will only produce UK legal knives.

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