Knife just arrived what can I say an outstanding piece of work I very much appreciate the time and effort you put into each piece .
I so look forward to using it the balance is amazing and the weight is spot on
Once again Thank You and Best Regards

“Carl produced 2 lovely candle holders for us to our specification. They are beautifully finished and fit brilliantly in the space we described to him.

‘Carl made me a challenging custom knife and it is stunning. Having used it for some time in a professional kitchen I can safely say Carl’s knives are of the highest quality. The steels used in his Damascus knives are very durable. They hold and edge very well and sharpen easily. They also don’t tarnish as much as other high carbon steels I have experienced. Carl was great during the whole process. He kept me up to date with the knives progress, even provided photographs and explained the steps involved to make my knife. I highly recommend Carl’s knives.’
Professional chef

Dear Carl,
you absolute genius, the knives are breath taking and BEAUTIFUL, magnificent and frankly wonderous. I am completely overwhelmed, you’ve done a sensational job.
With the twist pattern knife you’ve turned the stripe towards the point, that’s such a beautiful touch, it underlines the purposeful nature of the blades business end.
The jet black handles, in faux Micarta (aka wood), give such a contrast with the silver of the polished steel. The three corby bolts give a timeless formality so natural they could have been grown.
I am over the moon in every way, these beautiful blades will provide lifetime(s) worth of wonder and utility.
Being able to breathe life into steel, to impart strength, beauty and durability in this manner is little short of magical. I am open mouthed in admiration at your skill, knowledge, discipline
and sheer determination. This craft has so many aspects, so many disciplines, and can be undone completely at any time by the smallest distraction.
The result seems so unlikely it makes the whole process all the more of a miracle.
I am very lucky to have met you and luckier yet to have made it on to your customer list, endless thanks.
I look forward to meeting up when you’re ready, complimentary coffee and/or champagne will be available for all.
Very best wishes,
North Yorkshire

Just to let you know key ring received today and I am mightily pleased! .. excellent product (and service)

Many thanks and regards


The herb chopper is superb-a real work of art. If Greg isn’t thrilled then he has no soul.

Thanks again,John

very pleased with the herb chopper – everything I wanted and more


I opened the package today! It is just beautiful. The presentation is wonderful, what truly beautiful item. Thank you so much.

Hi Carl, just a quick message to say thank you again for the knife that you made for me.
Apart from being fantastic to look at the blade is super sharp!!!
We’ll definitely be talking again at some point about another knife but bigger next time!

Hi Ness & Carl
I meant to drop you a note to thank for the knife.
It’s a delight – if a knife can be a delight !
It’s much admired and performs a treat.
A friend is looking for a present so he may be getting in touch
Thanks again
Best regards

The kitchen knife is a work of art; a superb example of quality craftsmanship. And it’s sharp too!

This blade is honestly closer to a Samurai sword than a kitchen knife. It is perfectly balanced and glides through anything it touches. But I usually keep it on display in its case – it only comes out for the most important occasions and the most important guests.

If anyone out there is struggling with the question of what to buy as a 50th birthday present for the man who has everything, one of Carl Camp’s knives is the answer. With the possible exception of the Morris Minor I was given when I was 21, this is quite simply the finest gift I have ever received.

Carl’s work is stunning, not only a beautifully hand crafted, functional knife but a stand alone piece of artwork to treasure. Every chop, slice and dice is a pleasure and I cannot recommend Carl’s work enough to anyone who appreciates great quality, made with pride and attention to detail, that will last a lifetime.

One our wedding gifts was a beautifully crafted Damascus carving knife and fork. We love it and it’s so special as it’s bespoke.

I own two knives from Carl and use them everyday. Both are beautifully made. The rocker on the blades makes them easy to sharpen with a steel and these blades are incredibly sharp! I love the fact that my all-in-one knife is recycled from a concrete breaker chisel bit that would otherwise be thrown away. I really don’t think you can buy a better knife.

We have had a bottle opener and a Damascus baby spoon made by Carl – the attention to detail is fabulous!

We were given a Damascus steel knife as a wedding gift which we used to cut the wedding cake. It was such an amazing and very special and unique gift. The knife is beautifully crafted and a work of art that we will treasure.