The kitchen knife is a work of art; a superb example of quality craftsmanship. And it’s sharp too!

This blade is honestly closer to a Samurai sword than a kitchen knife. It is perfectly balanced and glides through anything it touches. But I usually keep it on display in its case – it only comes out for the most important occasions and the most important guests.

If anyone out there is struggling with the question of what to buy as a 50th birthday present for the man who has everything, one of Carl Camp’s knives is the answer. With the possible exception of the Morris Minor I was given when I was 21, this is quite simply the finest gift I have ever received.

Carl’s work is stunning, not only a beautifully hand crafted, functional knife but a stand alone piece of artwork to treasure. Every chop, slice and dice is a pleasure and I cannot recommend Carl’s work enough to anyone who appreciates great quality, made with pride and attention to detail, that will last a lifetime.

One our wedding gifts was a beautifully crafted Damascus carving knife and fork. We love it and it’s so special as it’s bespoke.

I own two knives from Carl and use them everyday. Both are beautifully made. The rocker on the blades makes them easy to sharpen with a steel and these blades are incredibly sharp! I love the fact that my all-in-one knife is recycled from a concrete breaker chisel bit that would otherwise be thrown away. I really don’t think you can buy a better knife.

We have had a bottle opener and a Damascus baby spoon made by Carl – the attention to detail is fabulous!

We were given a Damascus steel knife as a wedding gift which we used to cut the wedding cake. It was such an amazing and very special and unique gift. The knife is beautifully crafted and a work of art that we will treasure.